Luna & Bear
Luna & Bear

My birth story

Creating life is the biggest adventure you will ever have.

I have been where you are! I have walked in your shoes!

I have felt the anxiety and worry of being a first time Mum. 

I have experienced a traumatic first birth I thought I had prepared for leading to a fear of my impending second birth. Like you are now I knew there had to be a better way, which led me to hypnobirthing and the power of a POSITIVE BIRTH!

After preparing for my first birth with antenatal classes and hypnobirthing MP3's bought online I thought I was ready however on the day I didn't have the tool kit I needed! 

I had some of the basic skills but not enough knowledge on how to use them. 

After a stressful birth my beautiful baby had a stay in NICU and I was a nervous wreck for the first few weeks of his life! 

After his birth I could remember snippets which showed me hypnobirthing techniques could work if I had had a teachers support. My partner and I had conversations in which on reflection we realised we hadn't been taught the tools to navigate the maternity system.

This left me knowing that I could GAIN the skills to have an amazing birth! 

I knew as soon as I was pregnant I wasn’t going to make the same mistakes! I found a hypnobirthing teacher, I bought a copy of the positive birth book, I started with spinning babies techniques and I was ready to ROCK MY BIRTH! 

My second birth experience was worlds apart! I was CALM I was RELAXED I was in CONTROL. 

I want EVERYONE to experience this first time and I WILL help you do this. 

As your positive birth coach I will teach you the hypnobirthing techniques needed to remain CALM, RELAXED AND FOCUSED. You will learn how to navigate the maternity system and be POSITIVELY ready for any curved ball your baby could throw! Your birth partner will know how to support you and be present throughout.

You will birth your Baby knowing you had the RIGHT BIRTH ON THE DAY!